bridge camera brandsMany photographers are avid followers of one specific camera brand and, for them, nothing else will do. For this reason I have grouped the main brands of bridge cameras together throughout the site into their own catagories. This should make it easy for the Canon lover to see all the Canon bridge cameras together and compare their features ’til their heart’s content. The same for Nikon, etc.

For those of you with an open mind (to camera brand selection, that is) I have tried to list as many of the manufacturers who currently produce the best bridge cameras together with a brief brand overview.

In addition I will shortly be adding a separate  page on each of the leading bridge camera brands as reflected by reviews, sales, popularity and range of cameras.  These pages will detail a number of their leading and current cameras and will always be kept up to date so, whenever you visit, you will see the most recent and best rated products from your chosen brand.

You may have a brand preference yourself or be influenced by a friend to choose a certain make of camera. All I would say is to study the options available. Just because your friend Alan has always used a XXXXX SLR and swears by them does not mean they make the best bridge camera. I was surprised how my attitude to some brands changed as I delved deeper into the cameras on offer.

These are the main manufacturers of digital bridge cameras.


canon powershotCanon cameras in the bridge camera sector are under the ‘Powershot’ label, also used on their compact camera range. Canon’s long established expertise in the DSLR and compact camera markets make them a prime mover to create a top quality hybrid digital camera.




fujifilm finepixWith a long and distinguished track record in  bridge camera manufacture Fujifilm are one of the most dedicated brands in this sector.

Their latest offering, the Finepix S1, is the worlds first weather-resistant bridge camera.

Watch the competition scramble.











NikonNikon introduced the first interchangeable lens SLR way back in 1959. They have been one of the major camera and lens innovators throughout their long history. An army of followers would buy no other kit but Nikon.

Beautifully immortalised in the Paul Simon song Kodachrome.

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panasonic lumix

Renowned for high end HD television cameras (and televisions) and loved by wedding videographers the world over.  Panasonic’s reputation for making top class digital imaging equipment is among the best around.

The range of Panasonic bridge cameras take on the Lumix mark and is headlined by the newest in the range, the Lumix FZ1000.  The first to bring 4K digital quality recording to the video element of bridge cameras. The Lumix range comprises several top quality cameras across the price range.

See Panasonic’s range of Lumix bridge cameras for 2016











sony cybershotSony have been selling their Cybershot range of cameras since 1996 encompassing both compact and bridge camera models.  There are 5 variations of bridge camera in the 2015 stable covering the full range of prices and abilities.  The RX10 still leads the way as the flagship model with almost everything a pro enthusiast could want or need.
Sony consistently score highly in buyer reviews right across the internet and they have amassed  a very loyal fanbase for their digital camera products. Expect more from them soon.

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