Bridge Camera Photography came about because of my long held passion for photography and creative imagery.

My name is Brian King and some of my oldest memories are of my late dad taking photos with his brown box camera and showing endless sets of ‘slides’ on his lightbox style slide viewer. How times have changed.

During my childhood dad bought me a modern camera which, if my memory is right, was made by a Japanese company by the name of Swallow. I can find no images of the style of camera anywhere, except to say that to me it seemed like a new SLR (it wasn’t of course).

Olympus OM 10I later purchases an Olympus OM10, being the most expensive model my budget at the time would allow. What a camera. I loved it and still have it today, along with zoom lenses and accessories.

Like most keen photographers have done at some time I dabbled in portrait and wedding photography and, my favourite, landscapes.

Some years ago I was heading off on a trip to The Holy Land and my friend Geoff loaned me his Fujifilm Finepix S9600 camera to bring along.  I didn’t want bulky lenses and kit (like my Olympus OM10) as I was to do a lot of travelling, and Geoff said the Fuji could be used in most situations. This was when I was to discover what has now become known as the Bridge Camera, and boy, did I come home with some amazing photos.

I have since used the Fuji in numerous locations and situations. It never disappoints.

Below is a photo of the older S9600 model compared with Fujifilm’s latest bridge camera the S9900W.

fuji finepix s9600

finepix s9900w
Fujifilm Finepix S9900W

With an exterior which shows off a more modern and less chunky styling and ergonomics for better handling the S9900W is typical of the new era for bridge cameras.

Inside too, things have improved considerably and the latest innovations make it ever easier to capture your precious moments perfectly.

I decided to start Bridge Camera Photography to help users and would-be users in the UK by researching and uncovering the best bridge camera models available, for everyone from beginners to enthusiasts, from nature photographers to fast action snappers.  As I looked about online there seemed to be very few places to go for detailed and impartial information about the specific topic.

Our reviews and summary reviews are based on camera user experiences, comments and feedback and may not be limited to any one source of information. It would be impossible for us to purchase and handle every camera we mention so we feel it is best to at least summarise real buyer experiences, likes and dislikes. That way it’s like having a friend tell you about the latest gadget they just bought. No punches pulled.

Our aim is to  provide the best resource possible where you can find the information you want to help you enjoy your style of photography at it’s best.

We hope you enjoy looking around our site.